Music producer and composer with more than 15 years of experience making music for many different types of projects. My main instruments are piano and guitar with education in Jazz, rock, pop and classical music with deep knowledge of music arrangement, orchestration and direction. Thanks to my major in international marketing I can understand my audience I'm directing the message to, achieving a unique point of view.


​I've been working in cinema, tv, radio, theater and live presentations, collaborating with many art creators around the world, assembling an effective joint creativity with the objective of giving birth to moving and interesting works of art, offering the audience a full experience of good taste and a variety emotions that remain in their minds, effectively delivering the message and generating the desired impact.​

We know that music is an essential complement to any project that is aimed to deliver emotions and experiences as a perfect result of the artist's original inspiration. Every creator should be able to have a say, and decide what kind of textures, sounds and dynamics they dreamt for their own creations, so that the result would match their expectations. Precomposed music would never have the same effect, and that's why I enjoy so much sharing my abilities with inspired creators adding up emotion to their art.


Publicity, movies, expositions, videos, and any other mean of communicating messages are always boosted up by the emotion and intimacy that only music could bring to the game.


We're looking forward to listen to your ideas so that we as a team could create a unique longlasting and inspiring experience of art.